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Global forecasted the value for sharing economy to increase to 335 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. A simple and easy to use app lets you share or borrow your items or even share the car rides and save help our environment. Simply post your items and get paid for sharing it


SilverBAC app is a mobile application designed to measure the blood alcohol levels of a particular individual at any given time and place. The purpose of the SilverBAC app will be to provide a third party monitoring system for state entities to ensure that the user does not violate any restrictions that have been applied by the Texas Judicial system as part of their rehabilitation process.


Anxiety disorders are affecting 40 million people every year only in the U.S. Easy to use guided meditation app helps you cope up with daily stress and live life with absolute freedom and helps you get happier, joyful, full of gratitude and explore a different dimension of life making your more humble and helpful for others.